About Goldmont

A property manager that treats your building – and your money – with respect.

Leon Goldenberg began Goldmont in 1983 with several core tenets in mind:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Experience

Goldmont owns and manages over 2,500 units, caring for each one using those same core principles. As a property manager, Goldmont knows what your building needs for it to grow and flourish. As an owner of many buildings and Condo and Co-op units, Goldmont knows that money does not grow on trees, and that, while throwing money at a problem tends to solve it, it’s not an efficient way to run a building.

Every building is unique. And each building needs a unique approach.

Your personal property manager will draw on their own years of experience – as well as drawing on the knowledge of the entire Goldmont team – to manage your building with the wisdom to make good choice and the innovative mindset that will keep your building on the cutting-edge.

Leon Goldenberg, CEO, Founder

Leon Goldenberg has been the Chief Executive Officer at Goldmont Realty for over 30 years. He possesses a wealth of experience and consistent success. In his role as CEO, Leon maintains his founding vision while setting futures goals of the company. He also takes the lead in investor and partner relations.

A proud member of the Jewish community, Leon serves on numerous Boards. He is the First Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors at COJO of Flatbush and the Chairman of the Board at Shalom Torah Centers. He serves as a member of the Board of Trustees for Agudath Israel of America, Treasurer of the Agudath Israel of America Community Board and leads COPE, a college accredited CPA program. In addition, Leon sits on the board of various businesses in the health care field giving him a broad range of experience.

Leon lives in Brooklyn with his wife, Agi. They have five children and are the proud grandparents of many grandchildren


Saul Horowitz, CPA

Saul received his CPA in 1974, with a Masters in taxation from Pace University 1978, and his BA from Loyola College in 1974. Before joining GRC Saul worked in public accounting firms from 1974-2001.

Saul joined GRC in 2001 and his primary concentration is in the area of accounting and taxation in all facets of the real estate industry.

Saul works in auditing, financial planning, budgeting, financial statement preparation and cost analysis.

Saul also has expertise in the taxation area including partnership, corporate, trusts and estates and individual planning and tax preparation and review.

Jeanne Weisberg, Executive Administration

Jeanne joined the Goldmont team in 2014, coming to us with over 25 years of experience as an Executive Assistant. She manages the day-to-day responsibilities of our CEO, keeping him organized, informed, and prepared for whatever comes his way. She welcomes all guests at Goldmont with a friendly smile and professional attitude that is recognized by everyone who meets her. Jeanne is dedicated to the success of Goldmont and prides herself on going the extra mile to make sure tasks are completed. When asked to participate in a community event, she participates with a full heart as giving back to the community is very important to her.

Diana Belarusets, Leasing Administrator

Diana has been with Goldmont since 2003 and holds a degree in Computer Science from ASA college. Diana moved to Brooklyn in 1994 and is originally from Kiev (Ukraine). She is perfectly fluent in Russian and English, which benefits the company on a daily basis. She feels that what the tenants appreciate the most about Goldmont is the all encompassing “quality service that Goldmont provides.” She enjoys Goldmont because it is a family oriented establishment and has a pofessional-yet-relaxed atmosphere. She spends her weekends with her family.

Sam Brown, Vice President of Operations

Sam is the Vice President of Goldmont and oversees management operations. He takes pride in the fair-minded management team that actively works to make balanced decisions for both tenants and investors. Sam holds a Bachelors Degree and attended Ohio State University. He has over 2 decades of Property Management experience, working in the Tri-State area with residential, commercial, and Condo/Co-op assets. Unique attention to client and resident’s concerns and creative solutions describe Sam’s personal strategy for success.

Abi Goldenberg

Abi Goldenberg is an indispensable part of our team since 2014. In the past 7 years, he has immersed himself in many areas of the business, streamlining each process to work most efficiently. Abi updated the management business with an outlook to the future, thereby bringing Goldmont Realty to the forefront of what the latest technology has to offer. His efforts stimulate the management and tenancy experience both efficiently and conveniently. In addition, Abi works on many aspects of Asset Management, saving money through various rebate programs or generally through finding ways to lower consumption, by analyzing all expense categories and finding innovative ways to reduce spending. At the same time, Abi utilizes technology as alternative energy source and manages the receivables in a more orderly fashion. He has implemented a large solar project of over 4M, significantly reducing energy consumption and achieving millions in tax savings for the investors. His most recent project is getting EV chargers installed in numerous projects using government grants and investments as an additional source of revenue. With his innovative approach to efficiency and progressive programming, Abi is a valuable asset of Goldmont.