Are you in need of someone that will

take your concerns seriously?

Are you tired of simply throwing money

at the problems in your building?

Are you fed up with property managers

who will not respond to you promptly?

Are you sick of being treated

like a number instead of a person?

Unlike at larger property management agencies, at Goldmont, you are our number one concern . Nothing is more important to us than giving you the personal attention required to meet your unique needs.


But don’t let our size fool you. At Goldmont, all employees have on average over 10 years of experience within the company.

Condo and Co-op.

Managed for you. Years. of experience in both managing and owning Condo/Co-op units means you’re in good hands with Goldmont-because we approach management the way you would.


Ensuring your investments are managed wisely-your return is our top priority. A focus on a balance of compliance with a myriad of laws coupled with the results-oriented returns that you require.


We’ve done it for our properties, and we’ll do it for you: increasing profits and customer satisfaction by treating your portfolio with the same respect we give our own.